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Old Florida fish camp. #neighborhood #vscocam


It’s been kind of a strange week over at Google, hasn’t it? Whether you know what’s up and want to learn more or have been living under a digital rock the past several days, below, please find a recap of coverage relating to the Big G… including an experts’ roundup from our sister site, Marketing Land

5 Steps To Adjust To Google’s Latest Change To AdWords Matching Behavior

Google Responds To Mass Negative SEO Extortion Emails

Explainer: How Google’s New SSL / HTTPS Ranking Factor Works

Google Investigating Bugs With Structured Data Report In Webmaster Tools 

Search Marketers Tear Into Google Over AdWords Exact Match Change



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A tattoo machine causes a wound that alerts the body to begin the inflammatory process, calling immune system cells to the wound site to begin repairing the skin. It is this very process that makes tattoos permanent.

From the TED-Ed Lesson What makes tattoos permanent? - Claudia Aguirre

Animation by TOGETHER

In the “I did not know that” category.

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Joyous Barcelona Sunset on Flickr.

Skyway bridge, St Pete. #vscocam #latergram


Route 66 - Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico. Some famous neon here, folks.

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