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Third in a series of morning dew on webs. This one is so delicate.

Ephemeral. More morning dew on webs.

Web glistening with morning dew.


This surreal architectural sculpture, entitled Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder, is a mind-blowing piece in which a section of a building appears to be levitating in mid-air. Created by British artist and designer Alex Chinneck, the large-scale optical illusion will be on display in London’s Covent Garden piazza through October 24, 2014.



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Revelation Blues by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


Is it just me, or did people understand the concept of “classy” far better in the past than they do now?

No ‘I’ in Apple Announcement … But a Lot of ‘ME’


Last month, we announced the launch of our new Mobile Engagement Suite and the “ME” theme we’ve adopted for describing our mobile cloud solutions. By “ME,” we mean “mobile engagement” as well as “me” the pronoun, which conveys the individual personalization that our new suite enables for each and every customer.

Our launch followed Apple’s Sept. 9 Apple Pay and Apple Watch unveiling. From a branding standpoint, it was notable that Apple dropped the iconic “i” from the product names. More significantly, Apple’s announcement ushered in a new iteration of ME, and this may turn out to be the most serious innovation to date in the much hyped assault on creating a  mobile marketplace.

With all of the media coverage of the new iPhone and Apple Watch, marketers, business leaders and product developers should take pause and examine the innovation being driven by Apple’s hardware and software advancements. Understanding how to harness the power of the changes these developments will mark the difference between the companies that gain an immediate competitive edge in ME and those that follow the pack.

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