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Is it Frida yet?

Oldest House, St. Augustine on Flickr.

To protect food from rats, it was stored on the shelf above the table, which was suspended to cause a swinging motion once the vermin pounced on the shelf.

Oldest house, garden area, St. Augustine on Flickr.



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Wikipedia cites “persistent disruptive editing” from computers at the House of Representatives.

"And so we salute you, bored congressional intern, for your fine and artful trolling."  <—— great close 


How the partial shutdown of the G train caused the first known zombie outbreak in history:

East River Ferry, Greenpoint Terminal (India Street)

Joe Ellison is a ferry captain who witnessed the panic at its height, when residents tried to flee en masse.

“I remember these young girls who hopped aboard once, about a week into this mess. I don’t know, probably early twenties. Flustered. Told me they’d tried to hold out but just couldn’t take it anymore, needed to get away.”

Photograph by Spencer Platt/Getty.


Here’s the new cast of ‘Game of Thrones,’ and a blooper reel from last season
Game of Thrones is a serious show. A very, very serious show, where anyone can die. Except when they’re falling off their horses or missing their lines or doing a catchy dance down the carpet. This blooper reel from Season Four opened the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic Con, where we’re on the ground live, and it’s now online for your edification.


I want to talk and compare an app that most of you don’t have access to: Facebook Mentions and compare it to the Pages App that anyone who has a Facebook page can download and use.

I found out about Facebook Mentions from a banner ad that was at the top of my Facebook account earlier this week…

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